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8th notes

Welcome to Dave Wiesler's home page. Dave is one of the nation's premier pianists for country dances and various forms of ballroom dance.
Photo of Dave with his Roland FP8 and Cookie Mazda.

May, 2014. Two bits of recent news here. First, Hanneke Cassel's most recent album came out late last year, and I'm playing piano on three tracks of that. It's called "Dot the Dragon's Eyes," and the release concerts in February were great fun and a huge challenge, as I tried to copy the playing of a great pianist, Cali Kovin, who'd played on other tracks of the recording. See Hanneke's website for more information.

Second, Goldcrest's new recording is getting closer to completion. Caller and choreographer Joseph Pimentel is preparing a booklet of dances called The Goldcrest Collection, and Daron Douglas, Paul Oorts, and I are making a companion CD for it. We are almost done with mixing, as of mid-May. A few of these dances have tunes written by Daron, and a lot of them use my tunes. The book and CD should be out this summer some time.

Some highlights of upcoming events I'm playing include:

  • Camps this summer
    • July 7-11: Pinewoods English-Scottish Session
    • August 10-17: CDSS Family and Dance Camp at Timber Ridge
    • August 23-30: CDSS English-American Week at Pinewoods Camp
  • Scottish Dance events
    • Sept 12-14: Scottish Weekend, Timber Ridge Camp, High View, WV
    • Nov 8-9: Jeannie Carmichael Ball, West Point, NY, with Hanneke Cassel
    • Dec 31: Delaware Valley Hogmanay, with Mara Shea and Ralph Gordon
  • English Dance events
    • May 17: Washington Spring Ball, with Goldcrest
    • Oct 11: Baltimore Playford Ball, with Edith Coakley, Marty Taylor, and Paul Oorts
    • Nov 1: Jefferson Ball, Richmond, with David Knight and Paul Oorts
  • English and Contra Dance Weekends
    • May 29-31: Spring Dance Weekend at Circle Lodge, with Goldcrest
    • Sept 5-7: Footfall, High View, WV, with Goldcrest
    • Feb 13-16: Ski-Dance Weekend in western PA
    • Feb 27-Mar 1: Ann Arbor Dawn Dance Weekend, with Goldcrest
    • Mar 13-15: Houston, TX, Set for Spring (English dance) weekend, with Goldcrest
    • Sept 25, 2015: Atlanta English dance weekend, Fandango, with Goldcrest
In addition, there's the usual mix of contra dances, waltzes, and smaller events. See my calendar for a full listing.