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8th notes

Welcome to Dave Wiesler's home page. Dave is one of the nation's premier pianists for country dances and various forms of ballroom dance.
Photo of Dave with his Roland FP8 and Cookie Mazda.

October, 2015.

After a busy summer and early fall, playing for two CDSS camps, helping to lead the DC area SummerTunes workshop, and playing dance weekends for Scottish Weekend and Pitt's Maggot, I am now ensconced in the business of being a soccer dad, going to games and helping to coach. Since I was never on a team to speak of and didn't grow up playing soccer, I've been trying to teach myself some basic skills and strategy. Fun!

On the music front, the new Goldcrest album is being well received, and my tunes continue to show up in other people's work. Karen Ashbrook has used my waltz Starry Starry as the title track of her new album for solo hammered dulcimer. Ellen Ternes and Pam Stephens have published a book of Scottish dances, StrathsBabes, one featuring one of my tunes. And Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett are in the final stages of another book and companion CD, with two dances written to my tunes (Cog Railway and Bugs in Both Pockets).

Some highlights of upcoming events I'm playing include:

  • Dance Weekends
    • Scottish: Nov 6-8: Argyle Weekend, Arlington, VA, with Thistle House
    • contra: Jan 15-17, 2016: Orange Blossom Weekend, Daytona Beach, FL, with the Avant Gardeners
    • contra: Feb 12-15, 2016: Ski-Dance Weekend, with Alex Mitchell; Janine Smith, calling.
    • contra and English: Feb 19-21, 2016: Ann Arbor Dawn Dance Weekend, with Goldcrest; Joseph Pimentel calling
    • Scottish: March 5-6, 2016: New Haven Ball and brunch, with Thistle House
    • contra and English: June 3-5, 2016: Spring Dance Weekend, with Goldcrest
    • Scottish: June 24-26, 2016: Beloit, WI, Scottish dance weekend
    • English: Sept 23-25, 2016: Fandango Weekend, Atlanta, with Goldcrest and Joseph Pimentel
  • Camps next summer (2016), so far at least
    • July 30-Aug 6: Bay Area Country Dance Society's Hey Days
    • August 14-21: CDSS Family and Dance Camp at Timber Ridge

In addition to dates above, there's the usual mix of contra dances, waltzes, and similar events. See my calendar for a full listing.