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8th notes

Welcome to Dave Wiesler's home page. Dave is one of the nation's premier pianists for country dances and various forms of ballroom dance.
Photo of Dave with his Roland FP8 and Cookie Mazda.

June, 2015. After playing English country dances for over twenty years, I finally have made a recording of predominantly English dance tunes. This recording is called The Goldcrest Collection, played by my band Goldcrest, our long-overdue first recording, and it's a companion CD to a new collection of dances written by caller and choreographer Joseph Pimentel. I've written a very large fraction of the music on the recording. See my discography page for details and links to how to get it and the book of dances.

My tunes are getting picked up elsewhere, as well. Gary Roodman has written three English dances in his new collection, Calculated Figures Vol. 11, to my tunes (Double Jubilee, Without His Tiger, and The Woodcock). Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett are in the final stages of another book and companion CD, with two dances written to my tunes (Cog Railway and Bugs in Both Pockets). And the newly released Portland Collection, Vol. 3 also has three of my tunes (Castle Aaaa, Flying Fox, and Seize the Day).

After playing together with Mat Clark for over a decade, we have finally found a band name we can agree on (don't ask about the rejects!). Look for Hot Feat to play contra dances around DC, Baltimore, and Philly. Paul Morrissette joins us on bass in the north, Ralph Gordon in the south.

This summer DC-area pianist Liz Donaldson is taking a break from doing her annual contra dance intensive workshop SummerTunes. So I'm trying to fill her big shoes on this event this year. Andrea Hoag and I will be leading the workshop in Frederick, MD, on July 25. See me for details.

Some highlights of upcoming events I'm playing include:

  • Camps this summer (2015)
    • August 1-8: CDSS English Week at Pinewoods
    • August 9-16: CDSS Family and Dance Camp at Timber Ridge
  • Dance Weekends
    • Scottish: Jun 13: Columbus, OH, ball and workshops, with Mara Shea
    • Scottish: Sep 18-20: Scottish Weekend at Timber Ridge
    • contra / English: Oct 9-11: Pitts Maggot (Pittsburgh contra / English weekend), with Goldcrest and Joseph Pimentel
    • Scottish: Nov 6-8: Argyle Weekend, Arlington, VA, with Thistle House
    • contra:Jan 15-17, 2016: Orange Blossom Weekend, Daytona Beach, FL, with the Avant Gardeners

In case you were expecting me to play the Atlanta English dance weekend, Fandango, in September, 2015, as I'd advertised earlier, please note that I had to postpone this for a year when my sister-in-law decided to get married that weekend. Goldcrest has a raincheck for 2016!

In addition to dates above, there's the usual mix of contra dances, waltzes, and similar events. See my calendar for a full listing.